Why plateletMAP?

Have you ever wondered why platelet activation, depression and gut dysbiosis could be connected? Or why taking aspirin has anti-thrombotic effects but could also cause bleeding?
Usually, information about platelets is organized in chapters or by discipline. But platelets don't care about different branches of medicine like hematology, oncology, immunology, gastroenterology, neurology etc. Platelets connect everything. The purpose of plateletMAP™ is to show the connections and to help users understand the connections.
plateletMAP™ is an interactive educational tool about platelets. You can start with the body, jump to the body parts to learn about platelet interactions/functions and hover over words to get more information. You can also go to the map for a holistic view and see how everything is connected. Please leave comments and suggestions to help build this site into a comprehensive resource.
plateletMAP™ is free. It is sponsored by PlaDisco, a non-profit research organization founded by Dr. Elisabeth Maurer-Spurej.

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Elisabeth Maurer-Spurej, PhD

I am a scientist who fell in love with platelets in July 1988 when I started my doctorate in physical chemistry. Then, I knew next to nothing about these marvelous cells I now call “our trillion defenders”. Being a novice in the field of platelets gave me the freedom to discover new things about them. I received my doctorate in physical chemistry at the Karl-Franzens University in Graz, Austria under the supervision of Prof. Otto Glatter.
My passion for platelets grew with every new discovery: their dual role as immune and “blood clotting” cells, their function as serotonin carriers, and their potential to save lives when transfused. My desire to unravel the mysteries of platelets provided for an interesting career: from basic research to transfusion medicine, from inventing assays to founding a company, and finally to non-profit endeavors: plateletMAP, this online educational tool, and the PlaDisco Society to support blood Platelet Discovery for better health and better transfusions.
I believe we all need to know about and take care of our trillion defenders so they can take care of us. Life style choices can activate platelets, or not. One of my favorite quotes is

"Froher Darm. Frohe Blutplättchen" or in English “Happy Gut. Happy Platelets”.

My husband Norbert has accompanied me on my "journey of platelet discovery" for almost 30 years and we have two wonderful, grown-up sons.
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